Buying a house is an exciting and frightening thing. Exciting for all the obvious reasons but frightening, too: “Did you hear about John who bought a house and then found out some horrible things but could not get out of it?” “Horrible things” could be water-tightness...

Media reports are rife with news about the market slowdown, lack of buyers, poor auction results and in some parts of the country a 15-20% auction clearance rate only. Indeed auctions are not achieving the desired results – in many cases. But what if your home doesn’t...

In April the Auckland residential property market signaled that sales activity may have bottomed and is ready to emerge from its 12- month price and sales hibernation.

“The sales figures contain a number of modest indications that confidence has returned,” said Peter...

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Greater Buyer Choice Attracts Buyers To Auckland Housing Market

November 4, 2019

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