Buying a property - use a due diligence clause

Buying a house is an exciting and frightening thing. Exciting for all the obvious reasons but frightening, too: “Did you hear about John who bought a house and then found out some horrible things but could not get out of it?” “Horrible things” could be water-tightness issues, an inability to find finance, an unnoticed drain running very near the house, discovering it was prone to flooding, or finding out that those alterations to the house were done without a permit and may need to be demolished. All of these things – and more – can be avoided with the right clause inserted in the sale and purchase agreement before you sign it. It is the agent's skill and training that will pull the deal tog

What to do if your house doesn’t sell at auction

Media reports are rife with news about the market slowdown, lack of buyers, poor auction results and in some parts of the country a 15-20% auction clearance rate only. Indeed auctions are not achieving the desired results – in many cases. But what if your home doesn’t sell under the hammer? There’s no reason to lounge in the pit of despair. Place emotions to one side and let objectivity take centre stage. ​Here are 5 tips on how to make a successful post-auction sale. Don’t panic! It may only be the day after the auction and your fingernails have already been bitten to the quick, but remember a high proportion of auction properties end up selling through negotiation in next 2-3 weeks or so

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