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THE PREMIUM TEAM -Munish Bhatt & Gurbir Sodhi

Munish Bhatt, Gurbir Sodhi, and team aren't quite your usual salespeople. This dynamic multi-award winning team sing, dance, dress-up, and put the enjoyment back into real estate whilst providing real service and real results. 

Their results speak louder than words so forget the boring advertising blurb about being truthful, honest, trustworthy....etc, this all goes without saying.



5 Reasons why the Premium Team can help you achieve a Premium Price:

# The combined power of the team.
# Effective use of 4P's of marketing to cut through the clutter
# Expertise in digital and social media campaigns
# We know our neighbourhood as we live and work locally
# We can speak many different languages combined

The Premium Team believes there are many advantages to a real estate partnership and their joint venture has seen them go from strength to strength. With varying cultures, unique strengths, abilities, and personalities, our combined energy lead to innovative advertising campaigns, better service, systems, and increased results. Our clients consider themselves very fortunate - they know how effective the power of a team can be!

Part of every sale our Premium Team closes goes back to the local charities as the team believes that if we as a community don't step up to help each other then who will? 

If you choose to work with Premium Team you can expect to have TWO hard-working, expert and committed professionals taking care of your real estate needs. You can also expect to laugh, enjoy the process and achieve the results you were hoping for. 

Hire Premium Team today for Real Service & Real Results!!

PREMIUM TEAM - Your Multi-Award Winning Team

#2 Sales Partnership, Eastern Beaches Region, 6 months ending September 2020
#2 Sales Partnership, Eastern Beaches Region, to end March 2020
#3 Partnership, Eastern Beaches, Barfoot & Thompson,  2019

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